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Smooth and Elastic

Yup, that’s what the recipes always say when they speak about kneading bread. When I first started years ago, I had no idea what dough *SHOULD* look or feel like before the first rise. Being young, I didn’t have the … Continue reading

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Phillies can clinch at Mets’ expense –

Phillies can clinch at Mets’ expense – I  think my favorite line in the whole article is this: Maybe Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jayson Werth and Co. can send over a bottle of champagne to the Mets’ clubhouse with … Continue reading

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My Micro Direct Laryngoscopy

For the past few weeks I’ve been nervous about an upcoming medical procedure. I had had a severe ear infection that had actually lasted a few months and had about two sessions of antibiotics will little success.  I went to … Continue reading

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Fun and Easy Pillow Cases

Pillow cases are easy and fun to make. If you need to use up some of your “stash,” pillow cases fill the bill perfectly. They make wonderful gifts and even kids love them. You can use whimsical fabrics, or artsy … Continue reading

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Confessions of a New York Pizza Snob

Being from New York, I’m kind of a “Pizza Snob” It’s funny, Richard, although he lived in New York, never realized how superior New York pizza was compared to other places. When we went back in 1994, he got a … Continue reading

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Breakfast Celebrations (Frittata)

It’s Sunday morning and the Met game is on. Of course they are losing. Richard usually takes Chloe for walk and then we settle down to brunch with a special cocktail.  After working nights, we used to go to Hoffman’s … Continue reading

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Twitterrific = Terrible PR

I believe that when a programmer or group of programmers works long and hard on a quality application they should be compensated by the people that use it. I have always supported shareware and have registered  things like Winzip, Procomm, … Continue reading

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Mac Mania

I’ve been involved in computers since 1987 when I went hunting around, too close to Christmas to find my son Bart a Commodore 64. I ended up at a place called “Crazy Eddies.” They were out of Commodore 64’s so … Continue reading

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You Make Millions of Dollars, come on guys! (No apostrophes, Richard)

“I don’t like looking at that” No one can say I’m easy on the Wilpons, in fact it can be said that I’m mostly highly critical of them and not afraid to express it. One thing I can say about … Continue reading

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Photography Then and Now

My love affair with technology goes beyond sewing, computers, and cooking appliances into Photography.  In 1997, my Richard bought me my first digital camera. It was a Kodak DC 50. I enjoyed that camera a great deal and in those … Continue reading

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