Fun and Easy Pillow Cases

Richard's choice "Yo Ho Ho Ho A Pirate's Life for Me"

Pillow cases are easy and fun to make. If you need to use up some of your “stash,” pillow cases fill the bill perfectly. They make wonderful gifts and even kids love them. You can use whimsical fabrics, or artsy fabrics, batiks or anything else that you feel like.

Nice for a beach house or in the summer.

Fun Three Stooges Pillow Cases

Sausage Pillow Case

I learned from this video how to make a sausage pillow case. It’s so easy and the seams  come out completely finished.

I also make pillow cases when I want to practice a new technique such  as the endless hoop in machine embroidery. I did the pillowcase below on my Bernina 830 using the endless embroidery function. I also use the cuffs of my pillowcases when I want to do a test stitch-out of a design that I have digitized with embroidery software. With the built-in machine stitches in most modern machines today, and some pretty thread, you can  easily decorate a plan cuff of a pillowcase.

Playing with Bernina 830 continuous hooping and fancy stitches.

Free Patterns for Pillow Case Challenge

Giving Back

There is a one million Pillow Case Challenge for worthwhile  causes. Click picture at right for free patterns and more information about participating dealers.

Purchased Patterns

Crabapple Hill Studio has a few charming patterns that let you explore more skills for pillow cases.

charming bedding pattern

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I love sewing, machine embroidery, cooking, photography and MAC's. I love my iPhone. I have a beautiful chinese sharpei named Chole. I'm happily married to my best friend. I have a wonderful son named Bart who is a LCSW, that I'm very proud of. I am a Christian. I have a Nikon D300S and an Olympus 510 along with a few other point and shoot camera's. I love my Bernina 830 sewing machine.
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5 Responses to Fun and Easy Pillow Cases

  1. mattie405 says:

    Kuby, I’ve also been doing pillowcases for the grandkids, they love all the different ones I’m making using up the stash, I whip them out very fast on the serger, it takes longer to roll them into the sausage then it does to sew them I think. Also been doing them little fleece blankets for nap time at school as the ones I already made them just seem to disappear often at school, I do thick edging on them with Deco threads.

  2. Diana says:

    WOW! This is the coolest technique ever! I have something to do this afternoon, then I’m going to come home and give it a try. Thanks for sharing, Kuby!

  3. mandaray says:

    Those are really cute. 🙂

  4. IP camera says:

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  5. hunterbowker says:

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