My Micro Direct Laryngoscopy

For the past few weeks I’ve been nervous about an upcoming medical procedure. I had had a severe ear infection that had actually lasted a few months and had about two sessions of antibiotics will little success.  I went to Dr Krause at the Palo Alto Medical Center and he removed the thinnest sliver of wax that had adhered to my ear drum. That seemed to fix everything. During the visit he asked about my ‘raspy’ voice.   I told him I always sounded that way and Richard verified  that my voice has been the same for twenty years.  Well, he took a look and noticed a polyp and suggested I get removed. He doubted that it was malignant, but really felt it would improve my voice.  After doing the research and much consideration, I consented to the procedure. The surgery prep was effortless. They only needed EKG and CMP.

They spelled my last name wrong, it's McCarty, but I'd recognize those vocal cords anywhere.

The Surgery

I went to the Sutter Surgery Center with Richard in Santa Cruz at 10am. It was very hard to wait. I should add that I’m an RN and also a terrible patient. The best part for me was they allowed Richard to stay with me till the very point they took me to the OR. The staff, from nursing to the great anesthesiologist, Dr Monroe and Dr Krause were very empathetic and patient. When I awoke in recovery Richard came in and told me it was only 40 minutes. Dr Krause told him that what he took out did not look ‘sinister.’

The Hard Part

The hard part for me is that I can’t talk for 2-3 days. Anyone who knows me just a little knows what a great challenge this will be. We have notepads and sharpies all over the house and I have iPhone apps that I can type into and will speak for me.

About kuby2u

I love sewing, machine embroidery, cooking, photography and MAC's. I love my iPhone. I have a beautiful chinese sharpei named Chole. I'm happily married to my best friend. I have a wonderful son named Bart who is a LCSW, that I'm very proud of. I am a Christian. I have a Nikon D300S and an Olympus 510 along with a few other point and shoot camera's. I love my Bernina 830 sewing machine.
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9 Responses to My Micro Direct Laryngoscopy

  1. Ruthann LaGrega says:

    I hope you are all healed and TALKING like crazy.. loved the pics.. tonsils looked great ♥

  2. ronda says:

    did your voice improve?

    • kuby2u says:

      Yes, my husband said my voice very clear. There are people over the phone that didn’t recognize my voice!

      • ronda says:

        I had the surgery this morning. I am a singer. I was very worried but you have made my day just to know that someone had a positive experience. I pray my voice is better than ever.

      • kuby2u says:

        Ronda give yourself 3 – 4 days. I know it will improve your voice!! Send me a small sample when you are recovered!! It’s all downhill from here.

  3. ronda says:

    I got ya. I will send that sample. I’m excited. What ya mean its all downhill from here?????

  4. Kathy Campbell says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have searched everywhere looking for someone that has actually had a deep voice and shown improvement. I am having ta micro-direct done in the morning to remove a cyst and polyps from my vocal cords and I hope all goes as well as yours did.

  5. Kiri says:

    its encouraging. i’m having the same procedure on 11/04/2013. my voice just sticks in the middle of a speech and though i’m moving my lips, no sound comes out like it has been pluged out. it’s so embarrasding as i have to repeat myself several times with quiet an effort. hope it works. thanks plenty!

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