Some really neat Scarves

What a totally cool idea for gifts or even for yourself.  DIY Style has featured on their website these wonderful scarves you can sew up with a few quick seams.

Endless Scarves

Click here for complete directions from the DIY Blog

I had the perfect fabric to try this. It was a luscious silk that I had purchased from Talbott Robert INC in Carmel Valley, CA. This is where they make those $200 ties and the prices of their yardage is extremely reasonable. I also buy their bags of bias tie scraps and use them for Omiyage and for doll things.

The silk pieces lend themselves perfectly to the charming little bags you can make.  Below is a fish I made after enlarging the pattern from the book.  I have been searching all over for my book, and I’m afraid I ended up selling my personal copy in my shop.

This was also a great opportunity to try using 100 weight silk thread that Sandra Betzina recommended at her Power Sewing site. I highly recommend this site and I believe for a limited time the podcast on silk thread sewing will be available free.


Back to the scarf… I used the measurements suggested by the writer on the DIY blog and for me at least, it was much too tight around my neck. I needed a lot more room. 50 inches  was too small and I felt like I was choking. Fabric can be easily pieced to make 2 yards. The author also suggested using a serger. I personally like to use 5/8 seam allowances so I can get  good press on the seams. I’m a big serger advocate, but for this project and this silk in particular, I wanted bigger seam allowances.  The seams do not require finishing because the scarf is totally enclosed.  Here is my completed scarf.


Quick to make, luxurious to wear

.One book I always consult with when using different threads or fabrics is Sandra Betzina’s “More Fabric Savvy.”

My 'go-to' book for any fabric sewing information

Another nifty scarf. Elayne Hallanger West

Here is another great scarf now that the cooler months are around the corner. It is Kwik Sew 3809 made up by Elayne Hallanger West.  I love following Elayne’s posts on Facebook. The joy she gets from sewing is contagious.

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6 Responses to Some really neat Scarves

  1. Ruthann LaGrega says:

    Well done Kuby,, LOVE ,LOVE scarfs..

  2. marlis says:

    Love those scarves!! Wow. And I love that store in Carmel Valley. I have lots of those bags awaiting my attention. I get them for crazy quilting! You brought back so many lovely memories!

  3. Linda says:

    Hi Kuby, I love the scarf! Thanks for the tip. Also, I didn’t know about Talbot Robert, Inc. Great tip! Thanks

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