A Tale of Two Cameras

Chloe with the Olympus E510

Bonding takes time. I bond with my sewing machines and even my pots. This is  especially true for me when it comes to cameras. I love my Olympus C2100 so much, I had trouble bonding with the Olympus E500 and 510. So when it came time for me to invest in additional camera equipment, I decided that I would jump Olympus ship and go for the Nikon D300S. I just couldn’t see investing money in lenses that were 4/3. The Nikon D300S though, presented its own challenges. NO SCENE MODES.  This was and is kind of scary as it means deepening my knowledge of exposure, metering, and the camera controls normally automatic in the cameras I was used to.  It was time to say good-bye to my Olympus 510 for a while and start taking some serious shots with my Nikon D300S. Before I could do that though, I took a few parting shots..

What a spectacular creature! No brag, just fact

An attempt at a macro shot with the E510

Still in awe of the camellias Taken with E510

and so, making sure both batteries were charged, I put the E510 away…..

Nikon D300S

To me, the best site for researching camera’s is Digital Photography Review I’ve used this site for quite awhile and have learned much.  The people that participate in the Nikon D300S Forum are professional and skilled. I look at the photos in that forum and my mouth drops open.  I can look and read about photography for hours, but nothing is going to take the place of just getting out there and shooting so that’s what I did yesterday. I discovered on the Nikon website picture controls that are like the built-in modes on lower end cameras. For the Nikon D300S they had Portrait and Landscape. I downloaded and installed them both. I used the Landscape picture control for these. I’m still learning about composition and exposure. Even when the shots come out okay, I admit, I don’t always understand why.  It was a spectacular day for taking pictures. Well, maybe a bit too bright and I should have dialed the WB down.

Taken in Landscape picture control Richard loved this but I have no idea of what I did to give it this effect

God's Creation Speaks to us


Another one with Landscape Picture control with the Nikon D300S

Really weird, the camera kinda did this itself. I broke the rules, know, i shot into the sun. The lights glistening on the water was to beautiful to pass up

This was taken Saturday on a walk with Richard and Chloe. Just regular settings on the Nikon D300S

About kuby2u

I love sewing, machine embroidery, cooking, photography and MAC's. I love my iPhone. I have a beautiful chinese sharpei named Chole. I'm happily married to my best friend. I have a wonderful son named Bart who is a LCSW, that I'm very proud of. I am a Christian. I have a Nikon D300S and an Olympus 510 along with a few other point and shoot camera's. I love my Bernina 830 sewing machine.
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12 Responses to A Tale of Two Cameras

  1. marlis says:

    Oh yeah, you have such ugly scenery.. soo darned jealous!!!! the in the sun shot is magnificent.. you can photoshop the two glare spots out and no one will know. It’s one of my favorite pics! That Nikon is taking some great pictures!! Wow. The depth and clarity are amazing. Your skills are pretty good too, don’t shortchange yourself.

    Your puppy is sooo sweet. What a loveable create. Beautiful too.
    Thanks so much for sharing, I’m going to check out the site now.

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  3. Mattie says:

    Kuby, I LOVE the pics of your fur baby! She looks like a cuddler with a sweet personality. Mattie

  4. Debra says:

    Loved your blog, Loved your pics… I can relate to your emotion of bonding… Last Oct. I joined a photography group at our church. There appears to be a rivalry between the Nikon and Canon users and then there is me, a Sony owner. It’s interesting to see all the same shots we take with different cameras…that’s when you realize it’s the talent of the creator and not always the equipment.
    Anyhow,you have a great camera and a great eye… You’re just an all around talented woman.. Who Knew??? Human you for sharing your talents with us ;o)

    • kuby2u says:

      Thanks Deb! Digital Photography is fun and allows you to be extremely creative. You’ve already taken some great shots of Hilarious Givers, I’d love to see more.

  5. Erik says:

    I am sorry to tell you this. But there is no god.
    Nature is beautiful and fascinating:)

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  7. Tee says:

    Your photography, your recipes both just amaze me. Today I was just going your posts. The pics here just made me feel happy. It’s been so gloomy, rainy, dreary in Tennessee. I felt like I was on a mini vacation by “traveling” here. 🙂

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