Shoulder Princess Shirt with Pattern Master Boutique

Line Sketch of Blouse designed in Pattern Master Boutique V 5

I’ve spent the past few weeks working on my slopers for Pattern Master Boutique and Pattern Master Boutique for knits. This software is made by Wild Ginger and I’ve owned it for several years. The software has been updated and enhanced several times over the years and the customer support is excellent.

Taping the pattern together

The premise here is to plug your measurements into the software and the software sends information to the printer to print out pattern pieces that get taped together and sew up into the perfect fitting garment. It all starts with a set of measurements that are used to formulate the first garment which is called a sloper or a muslin. You are walked through the measuring process with movies, and descriptions and pictures as you click your mouse in each measurement spot.  This is referred in the software as a fitting garment. There are fitting garments for dresses, tops, skirts and pants. Once you get the fitting garment to your satisfaction, you can use any of the choices with minimal tweaking. Every garment can be your original design. With this software you can design garments for any number of people and keep measurement charts for several clients with different settings.  What you can’t do, is measure someone, and print out a pattern and give them a pattern.  After you print out your pattern, you can also print out a line drawing and full directions to construct the garment.  There is also a yardage calculator and you can lay out the pattern pieces and calculate how much fabric you need according to the width of your fabric. You can also calculate and print out the layout either on the fold or with the fabric unfolded.  Also included in the program is a CAD program which allows you to further edit and design patterns and pattern pieces to your liking.  To be honest, all styles I will ever want are included in the style editor.  If after all of this, you cannot get your garment to fit to your satisfaction, Wild Ginger has a support style that gives you personal assistance. Taking advantage of technology, you can send digital photo’s of your garment, your measurements and you for further guidance in getting the desired outcome.  While the directions for the sewing are adequate, I do recommend a fair amount of sewing experience as well as several sewing textbooks for construction techniques.

I used my Bernina 830 to construct the blouse and my Babylock Evolve to finish the seams.  Fresh in my mind was Sandra Betzina’s Power Sewing  method of putting in a sleeve and it worked like a charm. There are so many time consuming techniques that used to make me procrastinate when it came to sewing, that have now been streamlined with the Bernina 830.   Buttonholes are an example of this. With the Bernina 830, you just put a button up to the screen, and turn the dial till the buttonhole is sized to fit the button. You can also turn the dial to equal the amount of mm indicated on the button card you buy.  Once you do this, buttonhole after buttonhole turns out equal and perfectly.

Hand-sewing buttons are a thing of the past.

Just line up the holes of the button between the bar on the foot and choose the button program on the machine.

Completed blueberry shirt

Other Camp Shirts I’ve Sewn

These are both from a Cindy Taylor Oates pattern.  I made these with my Innovis NV 4000. This is such a great machine with excellent stitch quality. The embroidery is spectacular and the sewing side makes beautiful buttonholes and also sews on buttons.  I also made the Otter shirt for Richard using McCalls M4399

Camp Shirt from Cindy Taylor Oates pattern

Camp Shirt from Cindy Taylor Oates pattern. Also made a McCalls Pattern of this fabric for Richard

About kuby2u

I love sewing, machine embroidery, cooking, photography and MAC's. I love my iPhone. I have a beautiful chinese sharpei named Chole. I'm happily married to my best friend. I have a wonderful son named Bart who is a LCSW, that I'm very proud of. I am a Christian. I have a Nikon D300S and an Olympus 510 along with a few other point and shoot camera's. I love my Bernina 830 sewing machine.
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7 Responses to Shoulder Princess Shirt with Pattern Master Boutique

  1. Mattie says:

    Beautiful work on your shirts! I have almost the same machine as your Brother 4000, I have the Babylock Ellegante. I too love that machine, so simple to use compared to the first generation of embroidery machines, my first one was the Pfaff 7570 and I still have it, it sews great but leaves something to be desired in the embroidery functions.

  2. kuby2u says:

    Thanks Mattie. Our machines sure do have wonderful embroidery quality. I also love using my Brother! The Pfaff 7575 was loved by so many people. It seems like it had a high learning curve. I think that Pfaff strived to make more machines of that quality, and they never quite achieved their goal.

  3. 6 Karlynn Wighaman says:

    I worked with the knits program many years ago.. and found it very frustrating. Getting measurements right and printing so many pages….to test.. I’m wondering if it is vastly improved with the updates?

    • kuby2u says:

      Hi Karlynn, PMB Knits is a totally new program. You might be speaking of Curves which has also been updated several times. There are less measurements now in all of the programs. The movies are clearer and the directions are easier. The Curves program, even though it has some knits, is mostly for foundation garments like bathing suits, bra’s, workout wear, etc. Take a look at Wild Gingers site at and download the demo for PMB Knits an I think you will be happily surprised. Also click community on the top and look at the forums.

  4. marlis says:

    Oh Kuby, this is soo informative and factual. How great to read this post! I cut my teeth on Pfaffs and still have my first (mom’s 1953 edition) and my last, the 7550 (I think that was embroidery). But love my Bernina’s.. and the wild ginger software is great. Thanks kuby.. great post. sorry I’m late, it’s been life going on here 😉

  5. CG says:

    Hi Kuby!
    Can you tell me what the difference is between PMB4 and PMB5 is (if any)?

    Your sewing is beautiful! I used PMB3 then upgraded to 4, then I didn’t use it for a couple of years and now the new revisions to PMB4 have fewer measurements… I tried it again with much more success with my first sloper… just wondering what I may be missing in PMB5.


    • kuby2u says:

      CG, the program is improved. Lots of new styles added. Good guide sheets can be printed out with the pattern. It is much more configurable as far as dart placement, collar sizes, lapel sizes etc I think there is a whole new draft engine. Go to and click on Communities. Sign up for their forum and look for the announcement of PMB 5.

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