Pyrex and Anchor Hocking Exploding

Very scary. This cookware is used extensively in the kitchen for assorted cooking tasks. Now considered by some to be a possible danger.

This morning I read the article in “Consumer Reports” about the Pyrex and Anchor Hocking glassware exploding into shards. I have been using these products since the 70’s. I no longer own those products, I have the newer versions purchased in the 90’s.  I have the loaf pans, 2 13 X 9  pans, 8 inch square pans, mixing bowls and measuring cups. My pie plates are even Pyrex/Anchor Hocking I melt butter, chocolate and heat cream in the microwave and have never had a problem. I use these pans for lasagna and assorted casseroles and all kinds of other baking. I use measuring cups and mixing bowls daily. For the past few years though, I’ve heard rumblings of these vessels exploding when being taken out of the oven and placed on top of oven, people basting meats or checking doneness of food without ever abusing the cookware.  The last time I purchased these products were in the 90’s, but I believe the  glass composition they began to use during 70’s and 80’s is called soda lime glass. Before this the bakeware was made of borosilicate which is more expensive than the soda lime glass. As you can read if you click the above photo, the stories have ranged from injuries related to glass pieces being flung all over hitting people in proximity to the exploding vessels to burns from hot food flying.  There have been reportedly many law suits which have been settled. The settlements include sealed records and having the consumers not discuss the incident. Also reportedly Pyrex and Anchor Hocking continue to insist their product is safe.

I won’t lie, I hate the above information. I use these products regularly and it would be expensive to replace all of these pieces.  I don’t want to use metal or plastic measuring cups. I love my glass pie dishes.

Company Statements

Click here for company statement

Here is Anchor Hocking’s statement on the safety of their products:

Pyrex Statement about the safety of their product

Here is Pyrex’s statement:

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11 Responses to Pyrex and Anchor Hocking Exploding

  1. marlis says:

    I am so glad you dug deeper into this. I love my pyrex!!! I think you just saved Christmas. 😉 seriously.

  2. Helene K says:

    Wow, glad I found this! I had a brand new Pyrex pan explode in my oven last night. It broke with such force that I’m certain I would have been seriously injured if I had been handling the pan when it happened.

    Thanks for this info.

    • kuby2u says:

      This is so scary. Please call Pyrex Customer service and let them know what happened. They’ll probably offer to send you a new pan, but more importantly, it will make them aware of how dangerous their product is.

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  4. Nancy Roseen says:

    Like you, I’ve used Pyrex products my whole life and have never had an issue…except when I placed a piece on a hot burner by mistake. They are certainly not meant for cooking on the stovetop. But the 2 times I did this…WOW, I was cleaning up slivers of Pyrex for months. Luckily no one was ever hurt. I think eating my cooking is more of a risk. LOL

    Also, I’m not sure if there is a max temperature these pieces can withstand. I’ve never read the fine print but maybe they’re not meant for the higher temps.

    Thanks for posting the article.

    • kuby2u says:

      Nancy, thanks for your comment. If you get a chance to click the link on the top picture, you will see that many of these people were just basting a ham or checking cornbread when they exploded. That is what is scary to me. I will probably continue to use them, but very carefully.

      • Nancy Roseen says:

        I really think that eating out is our best bet. My husband tried making pancakes last weekend by using a cookie sheet as a griddle on the stove-top. He has also melted some of my favorite vintage Tupperware. Our ideal house really has no kitchen.

        Seriously though…I do like stoneware to bake. Maybe I’ll stick with that.

  5. kuby2u says:

    Sorry about your Tupperware. I love Tupperware also. Pancakes on cookie sheets musta seemed good in theory. LOL

  6. Bart says:

    This was a great piece of research Mom! Well Done!

    Love Bartee

  7. Dan C. says:

    I had a glass tupperware dish explode today that was just sitting in my cupboard. had not used in months. it blew so hard that it opened the cabinet drawer and shot all over the kitchen? is that in any way normal??

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